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I’m not in favor of more plastic doodads; I’m really not. I understand about waste.

But they’ve had the Starbucks splash sticks at my sister’s Starbucks in Virginia for a year or more, and I’ve always been extremely envious of them. Contrary to what I’ve seen said in a few other places, the splash stick is not only good if you drive around with your coffee, though admittedly, that’s one of the most compelling uses. If you’re bringing back several drinks, which people do all the time, you wind up carrying them in a tray, and they do tend to slop around. It seems to me that they could have done this with a shorter thing — I’m not sure why the stick needs to go down into the coffee like that. But my sister has saved them, typically, so she has one in the car when she needs it. She often carries one in her purse.

I realize it’s incredibly petty, and the fact that I used to splash coffee around when carrying coffees back to several people at once doesn’t justify making more plastic and destroying the earth, but I cannot help it — when I heard they were bringing these somewhere besides Virginia, I was unduly happy.


Hey, it’s Awesomeness Wednesday again!

Today’s first bit of awesomeness comes from my beloved Sports Night, which lasted only two seasons but told great stories about friendship, love, and asshole corporate media overlords. In this condensed version of the episode “The Six Southern Gentlemen Of Tennessee,” Isaac (Robert Guillaume) struggles with how to respond after his network boss, Luther Sachs, orders him to do something he knows is not right. This show could be really preachy (it was Sorkin, after all), but somehow, it worked for me, and this is no exception. I’d love to show you all the full episode, complete with the hilarious discussions of the Play Of The Year, but we’ll have to leave it here for now.

In the second Sports Night clip of the day, the adorable Jeremy Goodwin ‘fesses up to having freaked out while working on a hunting segment. Try to ignore the goofiness of Jeremy’s “hunting is mean” rant (which rings painfully false for me given my friendships with some hunters in Minnesota who assuredly do not hunt to be “mean”), and focus your attention on Isaac’s discussion of how a smart manager deals with smart people. I admit, it’s no “divide and conquer,” but it’s pretty great.

And finally, because it’s hysterical, I bring you this. What makes it wonderful is the title. It’s not that I expect you to care about the new Starbucks roast — though it’s pretty tasty — but the title of this document is like something out of a particularly biting piece of satire.

I got very lucky this week.

You know what’s nice? It’s nice to have friends with a tres faboo apartment who will loan it to you while they’re out of town, because this allows a change of perspective and scenery that can be so refreshing, it’s better than a massage. Two massages. Three massages and a facial.

I’m just looking at different furniture. Different walls, different posters, different dishes, different windows. But it feels like a vacation, and not only because their place is much better decked-out than mine. There’s something about being in a fresh neighborhood that reminds you that the world is bigger than the route you walk every day, and that everything you know and have known will always be much smaller than everything you don’t know. Even in New York, the sheer density of which should remind anyone of the immensity of…everything, it’s hard not to wind up a little bit tunnel-visioned.

Also, Starbucks is four blocks away — score!

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