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Well, of course I am. Things I’m advocating today:

  • Music Stylist Stephen is among the pundits on the latest All Songs Considered show over at; hear a whole bunch of new music, including a new Eef offering (Eefering?) and some new Shearwater, bound to make you weep. (The “Listen To Show” link there will open the NPR player, which is one of the easiest and least annoying audio players I know of, so don’t fear it. The Eefpearance is in the second half or so of the show.)
  • Sarah is porting over old Vines at Tomato Nation, and if you’ve never treated yourself to Robert/Roberta, you must. It’s a hilarious letter, and the response is even funnier. Of course, there is also Jack The Tomato-Stealer, who really pushed his luck with the “striking a blow for human rights” argument.
  • I love everything BeneFit. I don’t know whether the “shimmering powders” will still be up when you get there, but I am not into that, because I am over 20, and therefore, I do not wear shimmering powders. But BeneFit makes more normal-looking, unobtrusive, easy-to-wear stuff than anyone, and some of the flaw-correcting items actually correct flaws. (Obviously, they’re not flaws in the sense that anyone needs to feel bad about herself, but there are days when you wake up on the suck side of bad sleep or bad moods and don’t necessarily want to wear that fact around all day.) As Tara and I have both tirelessly said, the pink Eye Bright pencil is so very versatile, particularly if you are pale like we both are.
  • The always-funny Fire Joe Morgan is on fire today, and as is often the case, the source is Ken Tremendous, who recently outed himself as Michael Schur, The Office writer and portrayer of cousin Mose. Mr. Tremendous is almost as aggravated by baseball-statistics-likers being portrayed as basement-dwelling losers as I am about bloggers being presented the same way. But he’s better at saying it.

So that’s four items of tireless advocacy, and if you like music, good advice, looking refreshed, and sports talk, you can thank me later.


If you’re not familiar with indexed, today is a good day to try it. I’m also a big fan of this one.

That site, by the way, is a great example of why, if you haven’t already, you should familiarize yourself with Google Reader (or something like it) and get all your daily fixes in one place. I’d never remember to look at all the sites like that one every day if I didn’t have them in my Reader.

In political news, via Best Week Ever (the show is a little much for me, but the blog is excellent), I will have to admit that I do not understand why John McCain’s site needs to be running an NCAA tournament pool. I never understand the philosophy that goes, “Here’s a thing that exists, that sometimes people like, and I have a web site. Therefore, my web site should have that thing that exists that sometimes people like!” That is stupid…John McCain.

I gave this book to the Music Stylist for Christmas. I’m pretty sure it changed his life.

Someone who lives in Brooklyn takes a picture of her breakfast every day. It’s one of those lovely, weird internet things, where I’m not sure there’s much of a point, other than that (1) the pictures are often pretty; and (2) it’s a novel way to document your life. I think of “here’s what I had for breakfast this morning” as the very definition of what every bad eighth-grade diary sounds like when it’s written by someone with nothing to say yet, but somehow, this is charming. (Via

Don’t forget that the new Survivor is tonight instead of tomorrow night, because of the NCAA tournament, also known as “Linda Cries Over A Probable First-Round Upset, The Way Things Are Going.”

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