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Sometimes, I am simply all about promoting the things I love.

1. “Leave.”

Glen Hansard, of course, whom you have probably heard of now, since he’s the most adorable Oscar winner of all time.

2. “The Ballad Of Bitter Honey.”

Eef Barzelay, whom you have probably not heard of, but you should, because he is a goddamn genius. When I saw Eef perform this song the first time, which was at Tonic in New York, it went EXACTLY like it does in this video. He introduced the song by explaining that he sang it from the POV of a hip-hop dancer in an MTV video, and there’s all this tittering at the opening line (“That was my ass you saw bouncing next to Ludacris”), and then the whole thing turns into this absolute whiplash-brilliant emotional journey that winds up being agonizingly sad. People were amused, and then surprised, and then uncomfortable, and then practically crying. It’s pretty amazing. (If it’s hard to hear, full lyrics here.)

Okay, you talked me into it. One more Eef. This is the meanest song I have ever heard. I am convinced that it is the most effective musical kick in the balls that I’ve ever heard, including the closing line, which…well. And “the price of it has just gone down, and you did not think to sell”? Woooooow. I mean, wow. This song really comes in handy sometimes.


It’s funny that I happened to mention my work for the Wait Wait quiz this morning, because the show snagged a Peabody Award today. My work isn’t with the live show; it’s with the online quiz, so no amount of wiggling could afford me the narrowest sliver of reflected glory, but I’m enormously happy for them; they totally deserve it.

I will say that I did give a tiny hand with the live show once or twice, and if you want to experience one of the best things that has ever happened to me in my WHOLE LIFE, go to the online archive of last year’s June 30 show,  click on “Who’s Carl This Time?”, and enjoy the Dick Cheney joke at the 3:30 mark. ALL ME, BABY! I have never been more shameless than during my approximately 4000 listens to the sound of people laughing at that joke. I didn’t learn until later (I swear) how well-established that comparison already was, and fortunately, it affected my enjoyment of the experience not at all. Clearly, Amy Dickinson had never heard it. Hey, let’s listen to it again!

I was fortunate enough last night to land a special sub spot doing’s Dancing With The Stars coverage. Watch my freelance career relaunch!

At The Goot Gets The Boot.

(Note: MSNBC is showing the byline of the writer who usually does that chart, but I guarantee you, that’s me. I’ve asked them to fix it.)

In other news, one of my projects I always forget to mention is that I write a couple of questions every week for the online version of NPR’s Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! news quiz. Today’s question — regarding the Minnesota congresswoman — is mine. They do the quiz questions in Flash, so there’s no permalinking to specific questions, but if you go back about three or four days, you’ll find one about the U.S. losing a case to a formidable opponent, which was maybe my favorite question I’ve ever done for them. I love legal humor!

At Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!

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